MEET Johan

Johan Tronestam is a composer who lives on the Åland Islands in the Baltic Sea.

He has a passion in creating instrumental synth music of different shapes. The work takes place in his own studio. Before his great interest in instrumental electronic music he played keyboard in various rock and pop groups, which has been very beneficial for the range in his musical creations.

Johan also has experience of studio work and many years as a sound engineer on concerts, from club gigs to concerts with thousands of spectators. He had some important sound technician assignments, where for example a royalty has inaugurated an exhibition and on one occasion where a concert was performed for a president.

As of today he has completed nine albums. 9 CD albums and 4 digital. He has received two scholarships from the Government of Åland for releasing music on CD.

The old school of electronic music, progressive rock and experimental music have been a great influence in making his music.

Johan has managed to create a musical style as recognizable as his own.

  •    The Island CD (2008)
  •    Planet X, digital (2010)
  •    Stories from the dawn, digital (2011)
  •    Far Away, CD (2012).
  •    Roots and legends from the north, CD (2013)
  •    Impressions, digital (2013).
  •    A journey under the stars, digital (2013).
  •    Compunctio, CD (2014).
  •    Roswell, CD (2015).
  •    The long Journey, CD (2016)
  •    Arthur Went above the clouds, CD (2016)
  •    Space collection, CD (2017)
  •    Luther, CD (2017)

Syntheseizers which is used/has been used

Siel  Opera 6 – Korg Poy 800 – Roland SH 101 – Roland Juno 1 and 2 – Crumar Bit 01 – Roland D50 – Korg Trident – Korg Polysix – Korg MS 20 – Kawai SX 210 – Kawai k1 II – Kawai K4 r – Roland Juno 60 – Paia 4700 J – Roland Super JX – Gem WS 2 – Roland JX 8P – Korg M3R – Yamaha CS 40M – Roland D 10 – Roland Juno 106 – Yamaha SK 30 - Roland JP-8000 – Alesis QSR - Roland XP-80 - Korg Kronos - Yamaha DX7 II FD - Roland GAIA - Rolans XV-88 - Korg KingKorg - Access Virus C - Waldorf Blofeld - Roland Jupiter80 - Korg Prologue 16 - Roland XV-5080 - Roland D-550 - Samplers

Software Instruments: Arturia V-collection - Arturia SEM - Atmosphere - Omnisphere - Halion - Groove Agent - UVI Vintage Vault 3 and more...

Projects that are under construction and will be released


The long journey - Completed and released on CD

This project reflects a future where man has develop the possibility to travel to other stars. But not without misstakes...

"The long journey" is influenced by the astronomer/philosopher/author Peter Nilsons (1937-1998). And also by Harry Martinsons space poem "Anaria".


Luther - Completed and

released on CD

"Luther" is a new project where he try to musically interpret the historical person.


Luther ended up in a tough confrontation with his church. He reacted strongly to the greed and corruption that ruled the people in fear of hellfire and also the institution variety of penal methods. He longed for a direct contact with God and that people could have that relationship without the wall who took charge for the contact with God.


I hope no one takes offense, it's not my idea of hurting someone's faith. The project is an interpretation of what is historically documented. I have visited the Vatican City and recently Wartburg, where Luther translated the New Testament,. And it has been the inspiration for this.


Arthur went above the clouds - Completed and on CD at SynGate Records October 22.

The album "Arthur went above the clouds" has been a magical

journey and conceptually been formed by Arthur C. Clark's

amazing books and vision of the future. Clarke has also been

a great assistance in the development of technology for

space missions

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